From: Patrick Jackson
Medellín, Colombia

Dear Amigo(a):

This time, I am not going to bore you with one of my long “sales letters” that you may have grown accustomed to seeing me write. So if you are reading this it is probably because you have already used one or more courses from the Learning Spanish Like Crazy (LSLC) system or the Verbarrator. So you already know that there is no other Spanish course that will have you speaking conversational Latin American Spanish as quickly and as easily as this system. Perhaps you already know how effective the Learning Spanish Like Crazy System is for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Native Spanish-speakers have complimented you over and over again on your Spanish pronunciation
  • You have surprised even yourself with how well you are able to communicate with Spanish speakers
  • You are able to understand ordinary Spanish speaking folks in common everyday situations
  • You have unsuccessfully tried Spanish course after Spanish course before discovering that this is the only system that will enable you to communicate with any native Spanish speaker (not just Spanish instructors and Spanish speaking employees in the tourist industry)

For that reason, you are living proof that the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system is the most effective program for learning how to speak authentic Latin American Spanish. So I will get straight to the point and tell you exactly what you will receive with the NEW and IMPROVED Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres.

With your copy of the NEW and IMPROVED Learning Spanish Like Crazy 3, you will receive 20 Audio Lessons (Lessons 61 to 80) AND 4 Bonus Lessons. That’s already a total of 24 Lessons and I haven’t even told you about all the special bonus lessons that I have included for you.

You may recall that in 2010 we released what I call the “original” LSLC 3 – which consisted of 15 lessons. I was not involved in the selection of the vocabulary topics in the “original” LSLC 3. The LSLC instructors – who are all native Spanish speakers – selected the vocabulary topics. And like many Spanish courses, the vocabulary topics of the “original” LSLC 3 consisted of what Spanish instructors think that we — us gringos — should learn. Such as vocabulary related to religion – which is great for many. Especially if you are traveling to Latin America as part of a missionary or if you belong to a church that has lots of Spanish speakers.

But I listened to my customers who bought the “original” LSLC 3. And I found out that many of you who bought the “original” LSLC 3, simply wanted vocabulary topics that you could use in everyday conversations with plain ordinary Spanish speaking-folks in the U.S. and Latin America. So that’s why I decided to step in the picture.

And this time around, I told the LSLC instructors which vocabulary topics to include. What were my decisions based upon? I selected vocabulary topics that I had to learn or re-learn as an American living in Latin America (Colombia). Here are some Vocabulary topics that I had to either learn or re-learn in order to communicate with Spanish speakers here in Colombia – and that we have covered in the “20 core lessons” of the NEW and IMPROVED LSLC 3:

  • Vocabulary related to going to a party
  • Vocabulary covering for attending a university
  • Vocabulary related to going to “el circo” or “the circus”
  • Household vocabulary
  • Vocabulary related to eating
  • Vocabulary covering the names of family members
  • Vocabulary for cleaning the home
  • Vocabulary for health and medicine
  • Vocabulary for “los deportes” or Sports

I have also added 4 bonus Spanish lessons where we cover the following:

    • Bonus Lesson A: Palabras de amor y palabras románticas o “words of love and romantic words.”
    • Bonus Lesson B: Palabras de amor y palabras románticas o “words of love and romantic words” continued.
    • Bonus Lesson C: Vocabulary for describing physical traits and characteristics of one’s personality.
    • Bonus Lesson D: Helpful Spanish expressions and idioms.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy
Level 3 Right Now!

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And this time we created a COMPLETELY NEW and IMPROVED LSLC 3. These 24 lessons (20 core lessons and 4 bonus lessons) are completely different from the “original” LSLC 3. We have made these changes with the NEW and IMPROVED LSLC 3:

  • NEW Spanish speakers
  • NEW vocabulary topics
  • NEW Grammar topics

And more lessons than we had in the “original” LSLC 3


BONUS “REGALO” 1: Fifteen (15)  Lessons from the “Original” Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel 3. This bonus will be delivered via digital download and you will receive immediate access in your member download area.

BONUS  “REGALO” 2: Ten (10) Podcast Spanish lessons covering advanced Spanish. The first 4 podcasts cover the topic of “Por and Para.” I decided to spend 4 of the podcasts on the topic of “Por and Para” because when to use “Por vs. Para” seems to be one of the most challenging topics for even advanced students of the Spanish language.

We have already added 4 of the 10 bonus advanced Spanish podcasts to the member download area for instant access. In the next few months we will record more of these advanced Spanish podcasts until we have added a total of 10 to the member download area.

How Many Spanish Lessons Are In The NEW and IMPROVED Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel 3?

That’s a total of 49 advanced Spanish lessons.


Learning Spanish Like Crazy
Level 3 Right Now!

Via Digital Download For Only $97

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But maybe you are an advanced student who has never used a Learning Spanish Like Crazy product. And you do not know much about the Learning Spanish Like Crazy system. You don’t have to take my word when I tell you that the LSLC system is the most effective method for learning how to speak real conversational Latin American Spanish.

Recently, I posted several free lessons from the NEW and IMPROVED Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Tres on my blog. Here’s what some of our students had to say (I have slightly edited some of the comments for clarity):

Kareem Daniels – November 8, 2011 at 2:23 pm
"Excellent work as usual. I have enjoyed all 3 lessons and will definitely buy LSLC 3 . . Great product and keep up the good work."

Goyo – November 7, 2011 at 2:39 pm
I enjoyed Bonus Lesson A, more great practice and some practical stuff for lovers, though tasteful- nothing too “out there”. Great job, Patrick, as always.

Rodney Prince – October 29, 2011 at 7:14 pm
"I was very, very pleased with the new lesson 70. I found the lesson fun and engaging, I can (and have) listened to it several times already.
Lessons that teach us everyday vocabulary is just what the learning Spanish market has been missing. It’s hard to believe no one addressed this issue before. Grammar is important, but mastery of it is not critical to being able to communicate successfully in Spanish. However, giving us the vocabulary to talk about everyday tasks and situations IS critical to our ability to communicate in Spanish. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to grasp for simple terms like mop, mop bucket, leak and a wide variety of other words all of which are extremely common, so I’m really looking forward to hearing this lesson and the additional “new and improved” LSLC 3 lessons."

Anne – October 29, 2011 at 6:56 pm
"I always find your lessons helpful. I am eager for Level 3 release."

Scott – October 26, 2011 at 5:56 pm
"I will definitely buy LSLC 3 when it comes out and will promote it on my website. Lesson 70 was a great workout with the imperfect subjunctive tense, which I happen to be practicing with FSI level 4 at the moment. So it was the perfect complement. For anyone who would complain about the use of English, I would just say maybe that’s not ideal, but LSLC 3 will be an incredibly beneficial tool for practicing advanced level Spanish. It would be impossible for a program like this to appeal 100% to everybody. So take from it what you are able. It has so much to offer! And remember that, unfortunately, there aren’t that many programs out there for more advanced Spanish geeks."

Revoe Robinson – October 26, 2011 at 5:12 pm
"Patrick, I enjoyed the lesson and I eagerly await the release of level 3 in its entirety. . .This is level 3 after all, and your program is excellent! Dare I say- rigorous!?! If I didn’t understand a fair amount of Spanish already, I would still be working on levels 1 and 2.
Not to brag, but I get compliments on my Spanish all the time. I have been asked by puzzled looking Mexicans if I am Mexican. Just this morning, a Peruvian friend of mine insisted that my Spanish is “perfect”, and I tell everyone who asks that I learned the greater part of my Spanish from Learning Like Crazy."

Learning Spanish Like Crazy
Level 3 Right Now!

Via Digital Download For Only $97

Order LSLC3 Securely


Patrick Jackson, Founder
Learning Spanish Like Crazy

P.S. Since LSLC 3 comes with a 60-day fully money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

If you have any questions about purchasing the Level 3 please email customer support at: